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Argyll Technologies Group ®

Argyll Technologies Group Holdings is a group of companies specializing in the niche field of advanced sporting data analytics. The group is made up of expertise from different disciplines such as sports arbitrage professionals, data scientists, and technologist.

With enormous experience and a track detail, the group is made up of expertise from different disciplines such as sports arbitrage professionals, data scientists, and technologist with a strong financial background in the sport science community. If young technologists and scientists in the technology industry can have the transformative effect that some have imagined, then this could determine the future capital of the Group as a whole.

The group’s technological arm, Argyll Technologies Limited was setup in 2013 at the British Virgin Island, with a focus on software and systems development. Argyll Technologies Group is made up of technological veterans with years of working experience. They found their talent and differences which make them develop a system call ADASA, which is a Super computer that can find all discrepancies in betting odds across online bookmakers

The spirit of a clear winning has been apparent to the executives which makes them offer processed services. With the increased demand for analytics in the sporting industry as well as the commissioning of the hugely successful ADASA SYSTEM, Argyll Group Holdings has been able to help you chose and select a durable feature for partners and customers.

Mr  Harris and his team articulated a fulfilling dealer plan for everyone who gets into the industry. The Group believed in investing in people in such way that it will increase the growth of the company. He believes that the best way to grow a company is to have set of dedicated and devoted brokers in the company. With the positive records and result, the Group decided that it is time to bring work to a greater height.

The company started with a fund of about $4.6 million. The company was administrated by the authority of the British Virgin Island Financial Service Commission. The British Virgin Island provides a benign tax port of call for the business. The CEO and COO wanted to make with vast abilities. Apart from been a sports arbitrage company, they also want to focus on data mining, data consolidation and also become a complex orchestrator group.


“Sports Industry to reach US$ 73.5 Billion by 2019”

Darren Heltner
Forbes SportsMoney


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