Flawless Arbitraging Process

Argyll Technologies Group ®

Our Business Process

Argyll Technologies Group is a revolutionary alternative investment platform, designed as a dynamic Sports Arbitrage Managed Fund.

Customized for the Asian markets, Argyll improves on and reintroduces the risk free and lucrative concept of sports arbitraging – a concept already popular in the UK.

Our arbitraging process can be understood in the simple flow chart illustrated here.

Our Revolutionary Plans


Argyll Technologies Group leaps into Asia with two brilliant and unique plans:

1. The Argyll Arbitrage Managed fund

Designed to capitalize on the numerous odds disparities amongst the thousands of credible sportsbooks around the world, Argyll Arbitrage Managed Fund provides fund subscribers with lucrative dividends and all its accompanying benefits, without the hassle.

2. The Argyll Broker Programme

Argyll Technologies Group launches its Argyll Broker Programme worldwide in april 2017 – transforming the landscape of alternative investment in Asia.

A highly rewarding programme with numerous incentives and rewards, the broker programme is a sales program which is simple to understand and highly rewarding.

Clients: Major bettor providing data for sharper odds and liquidity for imbalanced sports event. The clients include bettors and bookmakers.

Capital Funding: Clients investing in Argyll managed fund with capital
protection, will receive dividends.

Argyll Managed Sports Arbitrage Fund

ADASA Arbitrage Mainframe System

Argyll Fund Managers: Consolidates value data, user base and constant, sustainable profits.

Profit from ADASA

Dividends for Clients