Vital Coin

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The Value of Vital Coin

Vital Coin was created as a solution for cross border payments and increasing traffic and clientele for all gaming sites. Vital Coins aims to partner over 3000 Gaming Sites by 2020, and bring the trillion dollar industry to new heights.

Vital Coin will be historical. The coin will look to serve both the online and offline gaming industry and bring revenues to our gaming partners, and a brand new experience for the gaming players. According to Bloomberg, offline gaming industry brings in an average US$17 Billion revenue monthly. This shows the tremendous potential and intrinsic value of Vital Coin.

  • 3000 online and offline casinos around the world.
  • Average of 300 casino partners by 2020
  • An average of 30,000 users per partner
  • Average monthly bets per  player is 10,000USD
  • When we achieve our target of 300 casino partners
  • Vital Coin will have a 90 Billion turnover every month!
  • Annual Revenues of over a Trillion Dollars every year

Vital Coin’s release will generate tremendous demand and with our current database of partners and members, we are confident of extraordinary wealth creation in the years to come.

Vital Coin’s Potential
Beyond Your Imagination

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