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Argyll Technologies Group works with thousands of licensed sports books.

Sportsbook always aim for a balanced exposure for every game. This is to minimize the risk and take profits from the spreads.

When they offer above average or good odds, they want people to bet on that combination so they are actually providing them with the balance.

Most bettors deposit an amount of capital or bank roll with different sportsbook and play over a period of time, only withdrawing part of their winnings at times. Argyll Technologies Group, in a way, also provides liquidity for these sportsbooks.

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The chinese saying goes, “Know your enemy & know yourself – you can fight a hundred battles and never lose.”

In today’s day and age, data is the last and perhaps most important competitive edge that billion dollar sports teams are looking for.

Argyll’s biggest goal, is to be the top big data provider for sports.

In the UK, premier league soccer team Arsenal has recently invested millions in developing its own analytics team to make better use of the data it is now collecting. Every interaction and every action is recorded and analyzed so coaches and players can now have access to information such as ‘all passes by Lionel Messi that were unsuccessful’ or ‘all successful tackles by Cristiano Ronaldo. And adjust their lineup according for greater success.

In American football or rugby for example, injury levels have been reduced in the professional game due to wearable sensors that monitor the intensity of activity and impact of collisions, to determine when a player might be in danger of injuring themselves.

Teams in many sports have found that implementing analytics programs can help the team save millions of dollars on treatments and for expensive players to sit out a season with injuries.

Data collected during professional games is also immensely valuable to the armies of sports scientists, nutritionists and medical personnel involved in the industry. Having detailed access to records of player performance and activity helps to assess the impact of training schemes and diets, and predict recovery times after injuries.

Due to the money up for grabs by the winners, teams and athletes have long been supported by an entourage of coaches, physiotherapists, psychologists and experts of any flavor to give them a competitive edge.

And data, especially big data, is that extra competitive edge in sports.




Micro Fund investors can leverage off Argyll Technologies Group’s system and plans and get into sports arbitraging as an alternative investment. Being to enjoy all the benefits and financial rewards from sports arbitraging, without any of the hassle.

Our plans allow anyone to allocate a comfortable initial capital, enjoy full capital protection and receive fixed recurring dividends.