The Market Structure for Data & Sports Analytics

Argyll Technologies Group ®

There are more than 400 major leagues and thousands of minor leagues over the world. Some of these leagues such as the Premier league, Spanish League, German League already holds more than 1000 matches in a season. There are thousands of licensed and credible sportsbook available on the market structure. Examples are betwaysports, bet365, betfair, totesport, betsson and the rest. In every game in a year played with different sports groups with multiple combination, we have over 85,000 opportunities per year and over 1500 opportunities per week.

People thought about sport, particularly for those owners, managers and players with the biggest vested interest. Sport scientist have attempted to replicate the success of the approach in sports like basketball, soccer, American football many others. The science has driven by relative ability to gather vast amount of data about the player and the play while the game is in processed.

However, in many of these sports, the capacities to gather data has not been matched by an ability and process in many meaningful ways. Interesting questions is what challenges they face in crunching the data effect.

> 85,000 Opportunities per year!


> 1,500 Opportunities a Week!