The ADASA System

Argyll Technologies Group ®

Story behind ADASA System

With a strong support from their internal group, Mr Clinton Harris and Mr Deepkkumar began development of their arbitraging platform and other various mechanisms of the program. Mr Clinton Harris headed the technological aspects of creating the system while Mr Deepkkumar allied up with numerous bookmakers through his huge network in the industry.

Working with the best specialists in around the world, the powerful sports arbitraging system, ADASA was commissioned.

The team began running a severe and inclusive constancy diagnostics test on ADASA, a meticulous process which spanned over 16 months.

The results were absolutely impressive.

With their prototype, the Argyll founders prepared business plans for a Round A offer, so as to obtain some shareholders and capital to further develop the firm, and to enhance ADASA. Response was overwhelming and Round A ended with US$ 8 million of capital.

The concept of the system is to scan through more or all odds from major and minor bookmakers across the world. This was enhanced and conducted by statisticians which infused sports analytics into the complex algorithms. ADASA was also made to be extremely fast and precise at identifying the best odds and automatically calculating the ratio to wager.

With this, Argyll has an operation which is low risk, profitable and highly scalable.

“Working with the best specialists in several fields, ADASA System was formed”

Argyll Engineers and Data Scientists

Worldclass experts run the daily standard operations, handle all risk management protocols and maintenance work on the Adasa System.

They collect key data for further analysis, while ensuring the fund managers receive live feeds of odds and betting algorithms from across the world.

Fund Managers

Sports experts and top notch finance specialists work with the ADASA system to ensure the best returns, proper capital allocation and efficient profitability models on every game. Our fund managers grow our company’s main fund together with our client’s capital pool steadily and consistently.


ADASA Mainframe Key Features



ADASA is one of Argyll Technologies Group’s key competencies and main technological advantages. A supercomputer mainframe system, designed by Argyll specialists and top software developers over a period of 16 months, with a development cost of slightly over US$1.3 million, ADASA runs its protocols 24/7, providing Argyll data scientists and fund managers with arbitrage opportunities instantaneously.



  • ADASA is a supercomputer mainframe system, designed to run its protocol 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Extraction of odds data from sportsbook across the world.
  • Identifying events with arbitrage opportunities.
  • Calculating wager percentages and returns for all events.
  • Sorting them by highest returns on investment and reporting them to the Fund Managers for fund allocation and bet execution.
  • Data storage and consolidation.
  • Provides the Data Scientists and Fund Managers with arbitrage opportunities simultaneously.
  • Managed by a team of dedicated sports engineers and data scientists.
  • Risk free profit, High performance system.
  • ADASA provides Argyll Technologies Group with a unique 100% arbitrage capability.